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- Implicit Bias 

- Diversity, Inclusion & Respect

- Building a Culture of Respect

- Video Based Training

- Leadership Development

- Diverse Customer Service

- Education

- Conflict Management

- Sexual Harassment Prevention


- Respect and Performances

- RAP Survey

- Personal Diversity

- Assessments

- Inclusion Surveys

- Cultural Audits

- Focus Group Assessments

- Linking Respect to Performance


- Diversity / Inclusion Initiatives​

- Strategic Diversity Plans

- Executive Coaching


- Building A Culture of Respect

- Diversity Conversations

- Inclusive Workplaces

- Creating Inclusive & Engaging Workplaces

Training Courses


Our customized Diversity, Inclusion and Respect Training© offers the very best and latest in face-to-face learning. We directly build the skills of your organization’s talent through our adaptive portfolio of varied training modules, which we customize to address the specific needs of your business and culture. The combination of our highly-skilled, diverse consultants and our inclusive, yet credible D&I training design, has earned Integrity the reputation of being one of the very best providers in the industry. We deliver on clients’ learning objectives, while consistently achieving high ratings by participants. This is particularly significant because of the highly sensitive nature of D&I subject matter.

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Training Theory suggests that there are 4 levels of training evaluation.
Level 1: Reaction
Level 2: Knowledge & Understanding
Level 3: Behavior Change
Level 4: Organizational Impact

We pride ourselves in partnering with our clients to achieve whatever level of results they are seeking. Our greatest desire is to assist every client in creating the healthiest workplace environment possible. We have the tools necessary to assist clients in gaining meaningful business results through their training initiatives.

- Building a Culture of Respect
- Establishing Inclusive Workplaces
- Inclusive Talent Management Systems
- Sexual Harassment Prevention 

- Inclusion & Diversity Awareness & Skills 
- Effective Conflict Management
- Emotional Intelligence Training
- Team Building
- Leadership Development
- Generational Differences



The purpose of this course is to increase both the knowledge
and ability to provide leadership in addressing diversity
issues / opportunities.​​​



  • Build a foundation for diversity by defining and understanding what it is and how it relates to your organization's bottom line within the organization.

  • Increase participant awareness of diversity, inclusion and respect issues and opportunities.

  • Gain a basic understanding of differences in individual work-style, culture, gender, race and position.

  • Identify personal implicit and explicit biases and how they negatively impact interactions with diverse co-workers and customers.

  • Gain an understanding of how diversity results can be measured.

  • Identify some of the diversity, inclusion and respect foundational skills that employees can learn in order to work effectively with co-workers who are culturally diverse.

  • Identify next steps.


The major objective is to prepare supervisors to recognize the impact that diversity has on each of their team members' ability to be productive. Supervisors are provided opportunities to learn and practice skills that will increase their diversity competence. Through this process we hope to increase understanding of self and others.


  • Building greater awareness of challenges faced by diverse team members.

  • Increasing participant competence in managing diversity.

  • Developing strategies to avoid negative stereotyping.

  • Providing opportunities for participants to practice diversity skills.

  • Creating a personal Diversity Action Plan.

Keynote Addresses Seminars


Our Keynote addresses provide one of the best returns on investments for our client organizations. We research the specific needs, goals and objectives of your event and then deliver a customized and engaging talk with actionable takeaways. Addresses are developed to be relevant, meaningful and incorporate your organization’s culture and challenges for all in attendance.

We engage, motivate, and educate audiences to change their attitudes and actions in ways proven to build better organizations. Our addresses are evaluated as consistently exceeding our client’s expectations. They can be delivered as a stand-alone event or be included as a part of a series or as a kick-off to a significant culture change initiative. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a message that will enable employees to increase their commitment to personal and organizational excellence.

Seminars and keynote addresses can be custom designed to meet audience needs and expectations.

Seminar Topics Include:


  • The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion

  • Building a Culture of Respect​

  • Enthusiastic Employee Engagement

  • Creating Respectful Workplaces

  • Conflict Management

  • Diversity Conversations: Finding Common Ground

  • Motivating a Diverse Workforce

  • Attracting & Retaining Diverse Talent

  • Recognizing and Removing Barriers for
    a Diverse Workforce

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