Driving Success in DEIB Consulting for A Top Automobile Manufacturing Company

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March 1, 2023
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Driving Success in DEIB Consulting for A Top Automobile Manufacturing Company

The Challenge

One of the world's largest automobile manufacturers encountered significant challenges in realizing its DEIB goals. Although the company had initially engaged with a DEIB consulting partner, the launch faced criticism and raised uncertainty within its organization.

Integrity Development was later approached to assist with a DEIB pilot training seminar, which produced remarkable outcomes that surpassed the company's expectations.

The Solution

Our firm leveraged our extensive experience in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to partner with one of the leading auto manufacturing companies to establish a robust and effective DEIB infrastructure on their manufacturing side.

Our partnership resulted in several notable achievements, including:

  • Conducting Executive Coaching and Education: We worked closely with the company's leadership team to provide comprehensive DEIB education, which focused on fostering a culture of belonging, understanding the impact of unconscious biases, and leading by example.
  • Designing and Delivering Cross-Cultural Training: Given the organization's global presence, we collaborated with its global leadership executives to design and implement cross-cultural training programs. These initiatives promoted cultural awareness and understanding, creating a more inclusive work environment.
  • Establishing Foundational DEIB Strategic Plans: We worked with the company to develop a comprehensive strategic plan, which served as a roadmap for their DEIB initiatives. This approach ensured a cohesive and well-aligned DEIB strategy, leading to improved outcomes for the organization.
  • Implementing DEIB Supplier Diversity Frameworks: We worked closely with the company to develop a supplier diversity program, ensuring that their suppliers reflected their DEIB values. This program helped promote diversity and inclusion throughout their supply chain.
  • Delivering Soft Skills Education: Our firm pioneered the delivery of soft skills education to the organization's team members on the line. This training helped create a more inclusive work environment, leading to increased employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Client to be Named the Leading DEI Company in Auto Manufacturing: Our partnership with this organization led to significant improvements in their DEIB initiatives, resulting in their recognition as the leading DEI Company in the auto manufacturing industry. 

The Integrity Impact

Over the next two and a half decades, we delivered 13 different training courses to more than 150,000 team members in three languages. This approach yielded successful transformations of the company's DEIB initiatives, effectively addressing the concerns raised during the previous launch.

By partnering with Integrity Development, the automobile manufacturer was able to establish a roadmap for inclusion and diversity that aligned with its values and objectives. The company achieved notable success, and positive impacts within the organization were evident.

As a firm dedicated to promoting DEIB initiatives, we take pride in our ability to help organizations create more inclusive work environments and drive success. We are proud of the results achieved through our collaboration and remain committed to promoting DEIB across various industries.

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