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We help organizations establish a culture that attracts, develops, and retains diverse talent available.

Talent Overview

Integrity Development's Talent Solutions service is divided into three phases. Phase I is about establishing a Talent Committee, providing communication templates, finalizing core competencies, planning outreach to key stakeholders, creating position descriptions, and finalizing the compensation package. Phase II is about candidate sourcing and selection, including confidential searches, pre-screening, assessments, interview preparation, finalist interviews, reference calls, background screening, and negotiations. Phase III focuses on post-hire activities, including creating a communications plan, executive onboarding and coaching, and developing a performance management plan with development goals. The terms and conditions state that if the new employee(s) leave within 90 days of employment, Integrity Development will reopen the search at no charge until another candidate is hired, and the fees are paid upfront and upon successful completion of the search.
Phase 1: Alignment
  • Establish Talent Committee & advise on placement plan
  • Provide templates for hiring process communication
  • Meet with Talent Committee to finalize core competencies
  • Decide timeline for posting positions
  • Plan outreach to key stakeholders
  • Create position descriptions
  • Finalize compensation package
Phase 2: Outreach, Sourcing & Selection
  • Perform confidential search through diverse networks
  • Conduct screening interviews
  • Provide pre-employment assessments for up to five semi-finalists
  • Advise on interview techniques and common biases in interviewing process
  • Advise on offer negotiations
  • Present Talent Committee with five top candidates to interview
  • Conduct finalist interviews
  • Conduct reference calls, background screening & negotiations
Phase 3: Post-Hire
  • Create communications plan for announcements of new roles
  • Prepare onboarding plan for each role & facilitate join-up sessions
  • Prepare performance management plan with development goals
Terms and Conditions:
  • Re-open the search at no charge if new employee leaves within 90 days of employment
  • One-third of fees paid upfront, the remainder upon successful completion of search
  • Expenses include professional sourcing and assessment.

Assessments, Surveys, and Analysis

Effective diversity and inclusion plans are built on specific, measurable goals. Before you implement a new initiative, you need to understand where your company currently stands regarding diversity and inclusion. From there, you need to determine which measures are most valuable to your company and how much you would like to see them improve.

Integrity Development can help facilitate surveys and assessments to guide your diversity and inclusion program every step of the way. We'll start by giving you useful feedback from your employees regarding how they really feel about diversity and inclusion and then provide you with tools and support to track your improvement.

Studies have shown that employees who feel respected in their place of work are more satisfied and perform better at their jobs. Integrity Development has designed a survey that specifically measures how respected your team feels and their performance outputs and proves the link between them.
When it comes to establishing your organization's baseline for diversity and inclusion, we have a number of tools for providing you with granular and actionable insights from your team. These include inclusion surveys, personal diversity assessments, and focus group assessments. You can readminister these assessments and surveys throughout the course of your diversity and inclusion program, or even on an annual basis, to document your progress and make adjustments as necessary. 

In addition to collecting in-depth feedback from your employees and team members, Integrity Development can also conduct a thorough cultural audit to give you a more macro view of how your company operates, including leadership styles, communication styles, employee behavior, and even how external parties view your company culture. This can help you identify troubling patterns and create a targeted plan.

Our surveys and assessments provide you with the data you need to implement and maintain effective diversity and inclusion programs that improve employee experiences, help you retain talent, and make your company more productive in the long run.

Comprehensive Suite Solutions

This dynamic partnership combines the insights and subject matter expertise of a leading Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Pioneer with the cutting-edge technology strength of a leading Diversity Talent Sourcing company. Together, we help organizations establish a culture tha tattracts, develops, and retains diverse talent or source from the broadest pool of diverse talent available. Our shared commitment to fostering inclusivity and equity drives meaningful change and helps our clients achieve their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging goals.
  • DEIB training solutions (all levels)
  • DEIB talent solutions, consulting &coaching
  • Innovative DEIB technology solutions
  • On-boarding training & support
  • Diverse talent management support
  • Diverse talent sourcing
  • DEIB/talent life cycle strategy development

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