Our work doesn't end at the pitch. At Integrity Development, we invest ourselves fully in serving the needs of our Client. There is not a job too large or small for us to give 100% of our expertise.

A recent Gallup poll study found that only 30% of employees are engaged in the average company. We realize that no organization can sustain itself without their people. We partner with clients to identify barriers that would prevent their employees from reaching their full potential. The following clients have made a significant investment
in their people and together we have improved the quality of their
work environment.​




"At the beginning of the course I mentioned that I had very high expectations. After completing the course, I can say that my expectations were met and exceeded!          I really enjoyed your class and appreciated your open approach to accommodate the needs of our group. I strive to improve both my own and my organizations effectiveness and as you heard our time is extremely valuable. The past two days were well worth the investment of time and I know that it will help our effectiveness."

- Client Team Member


As a professional who attends diversity training regularly, Eric Ellis was the best
I’ve ever heard! He believes in people
and instills hope. His passion, energy and knowledge about how to drive cultural respect within an organization and a community is simply INSPIRING.”

- Kelly R. Hall, President/CEO                                Longview TX, Chamber of Commerce



"I've received a lot of good feedback regarding today's webinar! The material was certainly appropriate for the audience, we started on time and you kept to the
45 minute allotted time for the presentation. The feedback and Q&A were "very powerful!" This was our first time attempting such a webinar and there was a lot on the line delivering to Managers, General Managers and Presidents. You delivered!"

- Diversity & Inclusion Specialist


“You have tremendous talent as speaker and facilitator. This was the best diversity training I have ever attended. In fact, it is probably the best human relations class I have ever attended. I am thankful our company has invested in making this course available to employees.”

- Client Team Member



“We have a diverse workforce so training courses like Diversity and Inclusion are extremely valuable to our supervisors. I would like to thank you for your time and your willingness to share your expertise with our employees. Your lively presentation style made your class both informative and entertaining. I look forward to having you back in the future.”

- Director of Personnel


“It was a great learning opportunity.”

“I was concerned it would be boring but the instructors were very interesting.”

“Helpful, not preachy.”

“(They) were extremely helpful and very productive and effective in creating an appropriate and efficient learning environment for diversity training.”

- Client Staff members

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